"Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up." - Pablo Picasso

I believe we are all artists capable of creating amazing art. I have embraced this as my own philosophy and alongside producing my own work I would love to give others the opportunity to unlock their own inner Picasso.


I am Maria Chaloner and I recently gave up my job as a teacher to pursue my passion for art. I bought a basic summerhouse and, with the help of my family, friends, freecycle and youtube, I fitted it out as an art studio in my garden in Bury, Greater Manchester. It is commonly known as 'the shed', hence the name Shedventures. I love experimenting with materials and their natural characteristics to create unique beautiful pieces. I work with copper, paint and lino creating bespoke artwork but I also love exploring different processes, media and techniques. All the work I produce is original and the nature of the materials and methods I use mean that every piece I create is unique. I also run small workshops in fluid art and lino-cutting and printing. I love running these workshops as it gives me the opportunity to teach other people new skills and techniques and to share in their creative enjoyment.

You can purchase my work directly on my website but you can also contact me to discuss bespoke commissions.

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